About Bhandari Associates

Bhandari Associates was started in Pune by Late Mr. Rikhab Bhandari almost two decades ago, in the year 1985 with an objective of providing excellent residential and commercial customized construction solutions to the ever growing consumers in the city. The farsighted vision with which he has nurtured the company has made us one of the prominent players in the construction market. His creativity in execution, his down to earth nature, client oriented approach in every activity and utmost professionalism further adds to the company in the eyes of the discerning customers.

Bhandari Associates firmly believes that this is an era of customer delight and not mere customer satisfaction. This belief has always spurred us to that extra mile. Our consortium of satisfied customers readily vouches for the care and after sale services which we happily provide. The company strongly believes in the customer feedback and leaves no stone unturned to iron out creases, if any. In fact, our unblemished track record of minimum customer complaints stands ample testimony to the above statement.

The company and its highly trained and skilled work force are particularly sensitive to the customers’ needs.

A process set as a result of the ISO 9001:2015 certifications has enabled Bhandari Associates to deliver quality to the customer.

Bhandari Associates to deliver quality
to the customers.

A professional approach and adherence to commitment has ensured punctuality. Enterprise applications now ensure that all departments now work in tandem towards the objective of providing Customer Delight. Since its inception in 1985, Bhandari Associates has been involved in creating some remarkable spaces in and around Pune. These projects are now benchmarks of quality and have become landmarks over time. They have also established Bhandari Associates as a provider of Quality spaces that have served the purposes of residence and commerce.

At Bhandari Associates, the future is young, exuberant, bright. Having been established on the solid foundation of Experience, Values and Integrity, Bhandari Associates is looking forward to developing pioneering projects and forging unique partnerships. The accent is now on creating spaces that are a tribute to nature and are celebrations of life.

Bhandari Associates  has always been at the forefront of the Real Estate sector. Since inception Bhandari Associates has been a pioneer exploring new areas and had always led change.


Leadership has been the hallmark of Bhandari Associates. Be it the product, the design, the technologies or the process or be it customer delight, Bhandari Associates  has always blazed a path.


The Late Shri Rikhablal Bhandari has set leadership as a precedent, here at Bhandari Associates. And even today Bhandari Associates continues to be a leading light in this industry.


Sachin Bhandari
For Sachin Bhandari, “God is in the Detail”.
Sachin Bhandari, Director, Bhandari Associates, he doesn’t miss much. A keen eye, a passion for Project Management and a People’s person. Bhandari Associates delivers some of the best products in terms of quality and design. Sachin makes it happen. From developing the bare land to the delivery of the final product, Sachin Bhandari is the maestro who conducts this multi piece orchestra. A team man, he leads a team of well qualified and highly capable engineers who deliver fantastic creations in concrete and steel. After all they have to last a lifetime.


Sagar Bhandari
He follows the credo ‘Making it Count’
Sagar Bhandari, Director is the “Chief Deliverer” of Customer Delight, here at Bhandari Associates.
From conceptualizing the product, to marketing, to post sales, Sagar ensures that it is a smooth ride for the client. A Bhadari Associates client is a satisfied client. Sagar Bhandari has his finger on the customer’s pulse. He is at the forefront of technology and has developed Bhandari Associates into an enterprise of the future. He is responsible for delivering that unique signature experience, which makes the customer to keep coming back.
Here Customer is the King and to that end Sagar makes Bhandari Assocate’s’ ‘Every Action Count’ .